Magnetic Latching Relay

Latching relay is a new type relay, also is a auto switch. Same as the other relay, have function that the circuit connet and cut off automatically. And the latching is depend on permanent magnet. It is a relay that is set(ON) or reset(OFF) by input of a pulse voltage. Even after the input voltage is interrupted, the relay maintains its set or resent condition until it receives the next inverting input. It is also called a keep relay.

There are two types of mechanisms for maintaining the set and reset conditions: a magnetic holding type and a mechanical holding type.There are also two types of coils for applying the set and reset pulse voltages: a single-winding type and a double-winding type.
Asiaon latching relay meet requirement of IEC, ANSI, has good ability to resist short current and new function of explosion protection. For application of electricity meter, relay protection, inductrial automation, etc.

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