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How about an automatic riveting machine? What materials can be riveted?

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Automatic riveting machine This equipment adopts the principle of combining electric, pneumatic and hydraulic to complete various required forms of riveting. The riveting machine has gradually replaced the backward processes such as hammer riveting and stamping, and has become an embodiment of the processing capacity of enterprises, improving product processing quality, and improving New equipment for production efficiency.

Yuantong riveting machine has compact structure, stable operation, stable performance, low cost and high efficiency. There is no impact when riveting the workpiece, and there is no deformation of the workpiece after riveting, such as bulging, bulging, and rough piers. The processing quality is high, and the riveting surface is smooth and flat. The equipment has no vibration, low noise, low power consumption, and is safe and simple to operate. It can be installed in large automatic production lines and is easy to automate.

ASP-1.5T 第三代

Can Riveted material

Various carbon steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other metal materials, plastic glass, plastic, ceramics and other non-metallic materials Applicable industries: riveting equipment can be used in machinery, electronics, hardware and other industries, especially suitable for various mechanical parts Parts processing, hardware products, auto and motorcycle accessories, high and low voltage electrical, power tools, instrumentation and other industries.


Special processing: In addition to the normal vertical riveting, the riveting machine can also realize various forms of riveting, such as inverted riveting, hook riveting, bending riveting, pair riveting, horizontal riveting, etc. In addition, it can also realize multi-head riveting, multi-point riveting and cantilever riveting.

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