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Time relay introduction

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Time relays are a very important component in electrical control systems. In many control systems, time relays are required to implement delay control. A time relay is an automatic control device that uses electromagnetic principles or mechanical action principles to delay the closing or breaking of contacts. The characteristic is that there is a delay between the signal from the attracting coil and the action of the contact. Time relays are typically used for motor starting process control as a function of time.

The main function of the time relay is as an execution device in the simple program control. When it accepts the start signal, it starts timing. After the timer is finished, its working contacts are opened or closed, which promotes the subsequent circuit operation. In general, the time delay performance of the time relay is adjustable within the design range, making it easy to adjust its delay time. It is impossible to start the delay closure by a single time relay. After closing for a period of time, it will be disconnected again. After the delay is closed, the delay will be disconnected, but in general, a certain number of time relays and intermediate relays are configured. It can all be done.

With the development of electronic technology, electronic time relays have become mainstream products in time relays. Electronic intelligent digital display time relays using large-scale integrated circuit technology have multiple working modes, which can not only achieve long delay time, but also The delay precision is high, the volume is small, the adjustment is convenient, and the service life is long, which makes the control system simpler and more reliable.

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