Relay manufacturer introduction

Asia Long Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfeng Industrial Zone, Liushi City, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a member of China Electric Chamber of Commerce, a member of China Relay Association, and has become one of the major relay exporters in China.

2019/7/10 17:08:54

General purpose relays when using

A general-purpose relay is a relay that can be used in a certain field or in many fields. The relay is an electric appliance in which the predetermined amount of change occurs in the electric output circuit when the change in the input amount (excitation amount) reaches the prescribed requirement.

2019/7/4 13:13:30

Introduction to the contact principle of power relay

A power relay is a device that can make a transition in one or more electrical output circuits when the input (or excitation) meets certain specified conditions.

2019/6/28 13:15:09

Floating controller product introduction

The floating controller uses the buoyancy of the float and its own weight. The vertical push pin perpendicular to the liquid surface and the upper and lower positioning pins on the guide rod directly push and pull the FK1 type double throw bouncing switch and the FK2 type push button back switch.

2019/6/25 9:50:24

Principle of contact action of relay

The action process of the contact can be divided into two parts: contact closure and contact disconnection, that is, the process of the pull

2019/6/21 9:17:54

Time relay introduction

Time relays are a very important component in electrical control systems. In many control systems, time relays are required to implement delay control. A time relay is an automatic control device that uses electromagnetic principles or mechanical action principles to delay the closing or breaking of contacts.

2019/6/17 15:01:01

What is the cause of the total failure of solid state relays?

In actual work, we divide the solid state relay into two types according to the load, one is the inductive load, and the other is the resist

2019/6/14 8:57:53

Introduction to magnetic holding relay

The magnetic holding relay is also a kind of relay, but it has more stable performance than other relays, and has a smaller volume and a str

2019/6/6 9:37:38

Precautions when using relays

1. In order to prevent contamination of the surface of the lead end, it should not be directly contacted with the lead end. Otherwise, the s

2019/6/3 14:24:11

Circuit board relay characteristics and precautions

The basic characteristics of circuit board relays are 1. Strong point switching ability 2. Has a set of normally open and a set of conversio

2019/5/30 11:23:29

How to choose a good temperature controller

Nowadays, temperature controller is more and more popular in the market with its obvious advantage of more accurate temperature control, and

2019/5/10 9:34:17

2017 Middle East Electricity (Dubai)

Asiaon had successfully attended the 42th MEE in Dubai.In the period of exhibition,our customers and us had negotiated cooperation and final

2017/3/10 16:25:26

Hannover Messe 2016

Hannover Messe 2016 Hall No.:12, Booth No. G68-1,Date: April 25th,2016-April 29th,2016

2016/7/21 15:41:37

2016 Canton Fair (China)

CantonFairBoothNo.11.3G19,Date:April15th,2016-April19th,2016 For any question, please contact our international trade :Email:relays6@chinare

2016/7/21 15:34:41

Glectronica 2014(Germany)

Glectronica 2014(Germany) booth no. B4.663/1 Date: Nov 11 ,2014 -Nov 14, 2014 For help, please contact our international trade :Email:relays

2015/7/21 10:39:53

2014 Canton Fair (China)

Canton Fair (China) booth no. 11.3J13-14 Date:Oct 15,2014-Oct 19,2014 For help, please contact our international trade :Email:relays6@chinar

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2014 Exhibition Information

Asia del dragón en el mercado internacional como líder en ventas, impulsado marca, y siempre se adhieren a la orientación al cliente, para promover los productos y servicios de alta calidad al mercado. Al comienzo de la recuperación económica mundial, octubre, la compañía continuó su expansión en el mercado mundial, 08 de octubre

2015/5/8 13:47:38

2014 Honkong Fair

Feria Honkong cabina no.5G-F15, Fecha: Oct 13,2014-Oct 16,2014 Feria de Cantón (China) Stand nº 11.3J13-14 Fecha: Oct 15,2014-Oct 19,2014 Glectronica 2014(Germany) stand no. B4.663/1 Fecha: 11 de noviembre de 2014 -Nov 14, 2014

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