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Key points of DC power relay maintenance

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In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system, it is necessary to take the necessary protective maintenance measures for the DC power relay to improve the safety and stability of the relay's work and to meet the actual needs of the power system. From the actual protection of the relay DC power relay process, the following points should be done:


1. Technical management requirements, pay attention to the state maintenance.


Comprehensive maintenance of relay status, careful study of the technical management requirements of relay status maintenance, focusing on the technical management requirements of relay status maintenance, so that relay status maintenance can meet the operational requirements of the power system, improve the quality of maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the relay.


2. Status inspection strictly follows the principles.


In the process of maintaining power system relays, to achieve the desired results, the maintenance principles must be strictly followed, in accordance with operating procedures and maintenance procedures, in accordance with standards, focusing on the parts that must be maintained and serviced, to ensure that the overall effect of maintenance meets the actual needs of relay operation.


3. Economic requirements for condition maintenance.


In DC power relay condition maintenance, it is necessary to meet the needs of maintenance and also to consider economic factors. In state maintenance, we must study the technical management regulations in depth, master the maintenance principles, improve the effectiveness of maintenance, focus on the economics of state maintenance, both to meet the actual maintenance needs, but also to effectively reduce maintenance costs.


4. clarify the relationship between the state maintenance of secondary equipment and the state maintenance of primary equipment.


In order to do a good job of relay protection equipment state maintenance work, the establishment of each protection device equipment change records is a very important basic technical management work. Equipment change records should be recorded in detail from operation to scrapping the whole process.


5. Training high-quality maintenance personnel.


For the maintenance of relays, maintenance personnel is the focus, if the quality of maintenance personnel is not high, poor technical skills, not only can not meet the needs of maintenance, but also cause incomplete maintenance, and even relay damage. Therefore, to ensure effective maintenance, we must pay attention to the training of quality maintenance personnel.


In short, in the operation of the power system, we must correctly understand the role of DC power relays, carefully do a good job of relay protection and maintenance work, so that the relay can operate normally, improve the safety and stability of the relay to meet the power system operation needs, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system.

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