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What are the basic considerations for the use of power relays?

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In order to use relays properly, it is important to understand some precautions in use, along with the selection of the relay and understanding of its characteristics, to ensure reliable operation.


There are the following basic precautions in the use of general-purpose power relays.


1. Every effort should be made to use the relay in accordance with the various parameter ranges listed in the product specification


2. Load rating and life expectancy are reference values that vary greatly depending on environmental factors and the nature and type of load, so it is best to confirm them in actual use during the actual shipment simulation.



3, DC relays try to use rectangular wave control, AC relays try to use sine wave control


4. To maintain the performance of the relay, please be careful not to drop the relay or subject it to strong shocks. Relays that have been dropped are not recommended for further use.


5. Relays should be used at room temperature and humidity with little dust and harmful gases, including sulfur, silicon, nitrogen oxide and other gases.


6. For magnetic holding relays, place them in the action or return position as required before use.


7、For polarized relays, please pay attention to the polarity of the coil voltage.


Contact is the most important structural part of the relay, the service life of the contact is affected by the contact material, the voltage and current value on the contact (especially the voltage and current waveform when connected and disconnected), the type of load, switching frequency, environmental conditions, contact form, contact jump back phenomenon, etc.. Contact failure mostly occurs with contact material transfer, adhesion, abnormal consumption, contact resistance increase and other failure phenomena, which need attention when using.

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