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Controller working principle and classification

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Electromagnetic suction cup controller: AC voltage 380V by transformer step-down, after rectifier rectifier into 110V DC after the control device into the suction cup at this time suction cup is magnetized, demagnetized by passing into the reverse voltage line, the controller to achieve demagnetization function.

Access controller: access controller works under two modes. One is the inspection mode, the other is the identification mode. Under the inspection mode, the controller constantly sends query codes to the card reader and receives a reply command from the card reader. This mode will be maintained until the card reader senses the card. When the card reader senses the card, the card reader produces a different reply to the inspection command of the controller, and in this reply command, the card reader transmits the induction card internal code data read to the access control controller, so that the access control controller enters into the recognition mode. In the identification mode of the access control controller, the access control controller analyzes the induction card code, compares it with the card data stored in the device, and implements subsequent actions. After the access control controller completes the action of receiving data, it will send a command to reply to the card reader, so that the card reader restores the state, and at the same time, the access control controller returns to the inspection mode.


Controllers are divided into combinational logic controllers and microprogrammable controllers, both of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Combined logic controller is troublesome to design and complex in structure, once the design is completed, it cannot be modified or expanded, but it is fast. Micro-program controller is easy to design, simple structure, easy to modify or expand. To modify the function of a machine instruction, only the corresponding micro-program needs to be reprogrammed; to add a machine instruction, only a micro-program needs to be added in the control memory, however, it is by executing a micro-program. The specific comparison is as follows: Combined logic controller, also known as hard-wired controller, consists of logic circuits and relies entirely on hardware to achieve the function of the instruction.

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