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General purpose relays when using

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A general-purpose relay is a relay that can be used in a certain field or in many fields. The relay is an electric appliance in which the predetermined amount of change occurs in the electric output circuit when the change in the input amount (excitation amount) reaches the prescribed requirement.

Transport storage precautions

1. The general-purpose relay should be packaged with moisture-proof materials and then placed in the package. The accessories should be installed together. The packaging should be secure to ensure that it is not damaged during normal transportation. The total weight of each box of products should not exceed the weight specified in the technical standards.

2. The general relay packaging box should be accompanied by the relevant certificate of conformity of the manufacturer and the product and the date of delivery.

3. General-purpose relays should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and non-hazardous warehouse, and should not be stored together with chemicals, acid and alkali substances.

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