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Introduction to magnetic holding relay

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The magnetic holding relay is also a kind of relay, but it has more stable performance than other relays, and has a smaller volume and a stronger carrying capacity. The magnetic holding relay is essentially an automatic switch that can automatically turn the circuit on or off. It usually maintains a stable state by the magnetism of the permanent magnet. If it needs to be converted, it only needs to be excited by a pulse signal.

The contact of the magnetic holding relay is in a stable state due to the magnetic force of the permanent magnet. If it is necessary to switch the switching state of the contact, it is only necessary to apply a DC pulse voltage to the coil.

There are three factors to consider in the selection of magnetic holding relays. The first is whether the current and voltage provided by the control circuit meet the requirements of the relay for voltage and current; the second is the need for several sets and types of contacts, considering whether the size of the existing relay is suitable; the third is to consider the volume of the appliance. Consider the installation and layout of the board.

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