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The difference between power relays and ordinary relays

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Hello everyone, Asiaon Dragon to answer the above questions for you. The difference between power relays and ordinary relays, power relays this many people still do not know, now let's take a look at it!

1, the principle of action when the contacts are closed when the moving contacts and static contacts of the relay in touch with each other will be contact jumping back, that is, non-controlled gap disconnection and closure, when the arcing and Joule heat generated by the energizing current, greatly affecting the opening and closing capacity of the relay.


2, the principle of action when the contact is disconnected when the contact is disconnected to cut off the load, will produce a dazzling spark and arc, the arc that occurs to last until the arc voltage drops below the minimum arc voltage value, it will produce greater damage to the contact.


3, and different contact materials and contact gap size directly affects the arc electron radiation state and the difficulty of occurrence, so they are important influencing conditions to determine the arc.


4, extended information: quality defects: relay logo pad printing quality defects are many, the specific situation is complex, there may be a single occurrence, may occur at the same time, but the key is to grasp the steel stencil version, ink, rubber head, squeegee and several other pad printing-related factors, so that you can basically identify the causes of the problem, troubleshooting one by one, so that the relay logo pad printing quality continues to improve the main role of relays: relays are Automatic switching components with isolation function, widely used in remote control, telemetry, communications, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment, is one of the most important control components.

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